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The Kong Academy provides actional hints, tips and guides to making the most of your eCommerce store.

Does your store pass the Google mobile-friendly test?

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Here we take an indepth look at particular topics of interest to beginner and established webstore owners.

Does your store pass the Google mobile-friendly test?

Julian James

With mobile searches now outnumbering desktop searches, there’s no denying that mobile is the new black.

To cater to this upsurge in mobile search, Google made a tweak to its algorithms. As of April 2015, mobile-friendly sites are ranked more highly on tablets and phones than those designed only for desktop viewing.

What does this mean for eCommerce store owners?

For some eCommerce store owners, the algorithm changes have meant redesigning their sites to be responsive to different screen sizes, adjusting font sizes and tags, and adjusting link placement.

This has been an issue for site owners who have built their own sites from scratch – and for many with a site built on top of an existing eCommerce platform provider.

But not for Kong store owners. All of Kong’s themes have been built to be responsive and mobile-friendly. In fact, every single Kong theme scores the top mark of 100 in Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

If you’re a Kong user you have a head start. But that doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels. Your theme will get the thumbs-up from Google, but you’ll still need to keep an eye out for things such as broken links and unplayable content, which can affect your search results.

Checking your mobile-friendly status

Your site might look fine to you when browsing on your phone or tablet, but Google has more of a critical eye. Fortunately, it’s easy to tell whether your site passes the Google Mobile-friendly test.

Simply paste the addresses of your home page, a category page, a product page and a content page into Google’s test tool, and you’ll know right away whether your site passes and fails – and why.


If you’re curious about your site’s actual mark– measured out of a possible 100 -  add the following Mobile-friendly checker extension to your Chrome browser, and you’ll get a numerical result. Note that a score of 80 is needed to “pass”. 

Keeping your site mobile friendly

If you’re an eCommerce owner, chances are you’ll be making regular tweaks and changes to your store. Design changes and content updates can affect things such as display, links and accessibility, so keep on top of these by regularly checking the following:

How your site displays

Keeping track of how your site displays on various devices is easy if you’re a Kong user – simply use the device switcher.

Broken links, redirects and dead content

Broken links can impact your search engine ranking, so use Google Analytics and ScreamingFrog to identify and fix any issues.

Unplayable content

Videos are often the culprit here, especially if they’re externally hosted, or if a format isn’t supported by a particular browser. This is something to bear in mind if your site uses videos in its product descriptions.

It’s time to see how you rank!

With Google making it so easy to see how your site performs on its Mobile-friendly index, there’s no excuse for having a store that fails the test.

Simply pop in your site address to see how you rank, and make any changes accordingly. It’s easy – especially if you’re a Kong user.

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