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How to make a great impression with Product Packaging

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How to make a great impression with Product Packaging

Julian James

We’ve all relished that “unboxing” moment where we first get to unveil a new purchase.

There’s no doubt that packaging is a key part of marketing – unpacking a product is that all-important moment when customers connect with a product for the first time.

If you’re an online business, your interactions with customers are limited, so that unboxing experience counts even more. But the good news is that if you’re selling your own products you have complete control over how your products are packaged – and the kind of interactions your customers have with your products.

Here’s how to use your packaging to leave a great impression.

Thinking outside the box

We all judge books by their covers. An eye-catching packaging design is a great way to show off your brand to your customers – and to anyone who sees your customer carrying it. It’s marketing on the move!

Bright colours, stickers, stamps and extras such as twine or ribbon are easy options for helping your company put its best foot forward – and even more so if the packaging is on brand. For example, a stamped logo on a brown card box would suit vintage-inspired products, while effusive packaging with glitter or patterns would be appropriate for a brand geared towards children.

You don’t have to break the bank to get a great effect, either. You can have hundreds of stickers printed for less than £5 – and you can even have the design done for you through services such as Discount Sticker Printing, Vista Print or Sticker You.

Stamps that can be used on your boxes, bags or thank you cards are another visually appealing option, and can be custom-made for between £10-40 using services such as StampsDirect and Custom Stamps.

Custom boxes are the next tier of packaging design, but can be a good investment depending on the type of business you run and the customers you’re targeting.

Thinking inside the box

The interior of your packaging is another opportunity to build a connection with your customers. There are plenty of simple and effective ways to take your packaging to that next level – and if the results are good enough, your handiwork just may end up shared around your customers’ social media accounts.

A handwritten card is a small but thoughtful addition that helps connect your customers with the individual behind the brand. It could be anything from a friendly note wishing them to enjoy the product through to a helpful message on how to use the product or how best to take care of it.

A business card is another effective option. Simply pop in a card with the company’s contact details and associated social media details – reinforcing the brand and providing customer service at the same time. If you decide to go this route, you may also want to consider including an additional offer or cross-promotion highlighting your other products.

Finally, the way you pack your product within its box is another great way to build a brand connection. The use of tissue paper or carefully chosen wrapping paper can help build up anticipation, while the thoughtful arrangement of items in a box indicates an emphasis on detail and quality. Consider the use of ribbon, string or other small extras – even lollies! – for an additional handmade touch.

Get packing!

Packaging possibilities are close to endless, even if you’re on a budget.

Sites such as Pinterest or branding and packaging display sites can provide a wealth of inspiration, or you can even look to your own favourite brands to see how they go about packaging their products - and whether there’s something there you might like to emulate.

After all, if you’ve been inspired by a brand’s packaging, chances are that your customers will be. So why not enhance their experience of your brand by going that little bit further? Chances are your customers will reward your efforts with their loyalty.

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