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The Kong Academy provides actional hints, tips and guides to making the most of your eCommerce store.

Reward your customers with Discounts

Kong Academy - How to sell online

Here we take an indepth look at particular topics of interest to beginner and established webstore owners.

Reward your customers with Discounts

Julian James

Everyone loves a bargain. Discounts and special offers are a great way to reward your existing customers – and can be the deciding factor in whether a new customer decides to click “buy”.

From a customer’s perspective, it’s pretty clear that any time’s a good time to receive a discount: whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because.

But the same is true for a business owner as well. Discounts increase conversions and boost customer loyalty – and are easy to set up using your Kong store.

Getting the balance right

As with anything in business, discounting involves balance. Before you set up your discount options, weigh up the following:

  • Your margins. Discounting can cut into your margins, so run the sums first.
  • Your brand. Deep discounting can devalue your brand, so make sure you’re not coming across as too cheap.
  • Discount frequency. Overly frequent discounting can discourage customers from buying full-price products, as they can simply hold out for the next sale.

Once you’ve determined the “how much” and the “how often” of your discounts, try the following on your store.

Free shipping options

A go-to discount option for Kong store owners – and rightly so. Shipping costs are a common bugbear for customers, who will often hesitate at finishing the check-out process when faced with a shipping fee.

Offering free shipping at a certain price point entices shoppers to finish their purchase – while keeping your margins healthy.

Percentage-based discounts

A simple, popular approach that garners good will with customers – without biting into your profits.

Even small percentages are well received by customers, and larger discounts can be used to help move slowly selling or end-of-line products. Who can resist a 50% off sale?

Money off

Offering customers a set cash amount off a purchase puts them in the mind-set of thinking that they have a voucher or credit amount to spend – one that will go to waste if they don’t.

Depending on goals, you might want to offer a cash-off amount for a particular product, or for the basket subtotal.

Get started with just a few clicks

If you’re looking for a powerful discounts system, look no further – it’s all there under the Kong hood.

With Kong you can easily offer free shipping on orders over a particular amount, specific percentages off products and purchases, and more!

For a handy overview on how Kong can help you reward your customers and boost customer loyalty using discounts and special offers, just head to our Discounts How-To Guide, and you’ll be on your way.

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