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The Kong Academy provides actional hints, tips and guides to making the most of your eCommerce store.

Using short videos in your eCommerce business

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Here we take an indepth look at particular topics of interest to beginner and established webstore owners.

Using short videos in your eCommerce business

Julian James

There’s no doubt about it: great product descriptions help your products stand out from the crowd. Product descriptions accompanied by high quality photography take things a step further – and those accompanied by video a step further again.

Companies such as Zappos got on the product video bandwagon early on, using their own in-house employees to demo their products in video format, and saw an impressive boost in engagement and sales.

We’ve previously touched on how using video in your product descriptions can boost your bottom line. Today, let’s take a look at some of the different short-format video options available and how you can leverage them in your eCommerce business.


Short, punchy and to the point, the 6-second looping video format of Vine makes it ideal for creating engaging product description content.

Using one or multiple vines, you can provide a quick visual overview of your product, demonstrate how it can be used, or even create a “teaser” for a forthcoming product or product range.

These can be uploaded to your product pages, your site’s blog or shared via your social media accounts to generate buzz. HP, Rolling Stone and Sephora are just some of the big names spreading the word via Vine, so you’ll be in good company. 


If 6 seconds just isn’t enough to say what you need to, Instagram’s 15-second limit allows you a little more verbosity.

Consider using your Instagram videos for product “how-tos” and demonstrations, behind-the-scenes glimpses into what goes into the making of your product, as well as for videos demonstrating the use of your product by customers. You could even take a leaf out of Lululemon’s book and create videos that capture your product and customers in the wild.

Be sure to brand your videos with a relevant #hashtag and any key details for greater impact.


If you’re selling to a younger audience, Snapchat’s a platform worth checking out.

Used to create and share videos that disappear after being viewed, it’s a great way to create urgency and timeliness among your customers. Consider using it to post quirky videos of your products, to reveal limited-time discount codes, or for quick snaps of your products with a descriptive text overlay. 

The app has a low-key, DIY vibe, so bear this in mind when creating content to share with your customers.


Short, low-res and with a stop-motion feel, GIFs have a very particular aesthetic. They’re inextricably linked with pop culture, humour and memes, making them an ideal way to connect with younger or counter-culture customer bases.

They’re also great for very simple visual effects, such as showing the different available colours of styles of a particular product, or for creating a “flip-book” of a product range or bundle. Head to for free and easy GIF creation.

Used in tandem with product descriptions and imagery, as well as longer-form video such as those found on YouTube or Vimeo, these short-format video options provide a snappy, visually appealing way for customers to learn more about your products – and to engage with your brand more generally.

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