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7 Tips for Product Photography Using Your Smartphone

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Here we take an indepth look at particular topics of interest to beginner and established webstore owners.

7 Tips for Product Photography Using Your Smartphone

Julian James

Pictures don’t just tell a thousand words – they can also help sell your products. But taking great quality product photos no longer requires expensive, high-tech equipment.

Here are our top tips for getting great results using just your smartphone and some basic accessories.

Set up with a tripod

Getting that perfect shot can take some patience. That’s where a tripod and a mount can be your saviour; even the cheapest ones will do a good job. With your phone secured, you can make adjustments to your set-up without having to worry about shaky hands or maintaining the same camera position.

Use your self-timer

They’re not just handy for group shots. Self-timers have saved many a product shot. Their delay option ensures any shaking caused when hitting the “take” button has stopped before the photo is taken. And they allow for those last-second tweaks.

Opt for a clean background

There’s a reason most products are photographed against a crisp white background. It looks professional, reduces distractions, and focuses attention on the product itself. There are times when you might choose to photograph an object in situ – but make sure the setting enhances the product rather than drawing attention away from it.

Experiment with HDR mode

HDR aims to enhance the contrast between light and dark in your photos. It’s a good choice for landscapes, highly lit settings or backlit scenes, making them seem more vivid and striking. But it can wash things out in contexts that already offer stark contrast or bright colours, so take a trial and error approach to see if it works for your products.

Turn off the flash

We’ve all cringed at the red eyes and shiny skin resulting from flash photography. On-camera flash can be just as cruel to products, making them look flat and oddly lit. Opt for high quality natural light or a tripod with an additional light source instead.

Turn on the lights

Sunlight has its charms, but sometimes there’s not enough to around. If you don’t have professional photographic lighting at hand, try using an adjustable desk lamp. But be patient, as getting that light just right can take a few attempts.

Edit your photos

A little post-production tweaking can take a product photo from good to great. Adjust brightness and exposure levels as needed – but avoid getting carried away and overdoing it. Similarly, give the filters a miss unless you’re selling a product that might benefit from a faux-retro overlay.

With these tips, your smartphone, and your favourite camera app, you’ll be snapping perfect product photos in no time at all. For a more in-depth dive, head over to our Product Photography 101  guide for advice and suggestions based on tried-and-tested methods.

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