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eCommerce Expo Excitement!

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eCommerce Expo Excitement!

Kerry Swan

Last week our CEO messaged and asked if we’d like Kong to go to the eCommerce Expo ... The answer was of course, OMG YES! As informal as that sounds, that was pretty much it.

And then with only a month to go, the planning began from that moment. Let’s face it most of us (including myself) work best under pressure anyway. There’s a positive spin to put on this pressure too…

 Late nights = excuse to have Pizza

Hard work = excuse to reward the staff with drinks

Oh and that fact we get to go to one of the best Expos, as a start up company launching a new product! ­

There are so many things to consider for an event like this; stand design, marketing giveaways, engaging content, what if the internet goes when we’re trying to demo the product, what’s the best way to collect data, how should we follow up with these potential customers ... and so on … but all this planning and work can only be enjoyable when the whole team is working together to get us ready for an amazing opportunity.

To be able to demo our new product is great, but the event itself has so much to offer too. There is a chance to meet experts in the industry, and attend the conferences for Digital & Mobile Marketing, Customer Retention & Delivery and Payment & Security. Maybe not the most interesting titles for everyone, but in the eCommerce industry these are sadly very appealing!

So all in all, I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re all really excited to attend and exhibit at the eCommerce Expo 2014.