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Preparing Video for an Exhibition

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Preparing Video for an Exhibition

Mike Choo

The day the team found out that we were taking Kong to the London eCommerce expo there was excitement, as we'd finally be able to talk to people face to face about what we'd been building. However, this meant we'd have to attract those people to the stand, which meant an intensive burst of planning the marketing and promotions.

The first thing we did was create a list of the promotional videos we needed for the stand. As we were going to have a number of screens it made sense to make best use of our existing video assets, but we knew that some additional content would be needed.

The easiest thing to check off was creating a subtitled version of the current homepage video. This served two purposes:

1. Firstly, there's always noise on a show floor and having a readable version helps catch the eye of those that are browsing.

2. Secondly, as much as we like the video no-one I know could stay on a stand for 8 hours listening to the same 66 seconds of audio.

Next on the list - a looping 'Features' video. We've got a lot of great stuff built in to Kong and it's really easy to get over-excited and talk in too much detail about it. We based this on existing marketing material, but a lot of the copy needed to be re-written into bite-size, eyecatching chunks.

From there it was a case of designing graphics to accompany each point, then it was off to After Effects for animation. This video had the same goals as the other - to inform about what Kong can do for you, and to look interesting enough to start a conversation.

Due to time constraints the animation on the Features video was not as detailed as the homepage video, but the piece still had to be eyecatching. To keep things interesting for the viewers we kept switching up the colours and directions of motion for each 'slide'. It helps that we've got a really strong set of brand colours to play with.

We didn't have a huge amount of time between the decision to show at the expo and the start date, so it was all about prioritising and juggling what we could achieve for maximum impact. We know that video can have a powerful effect - in this case it was doing our initial pitch for us!