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30 Woolpack Lane
Nottingham, , NG1 1GA
United Kingdom

0115 988 1530

The Kong Academy provides actional hints, tips and guides to making the most of your eCommerce store.

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The Cherry on Top

David Robinson

As a former design agency, we've always put our clients first. Yet working on their projects often left me with a serious case of the what-if's. Developing that extra bit of awesome functionality here, adding some eye-catching transitional animations there. But budgets and deadlines meant that those things didn't always make the cut.

Now that we're building our own product, we can put the hours in to make Kong the best it can be. Because we can, and because adding those little touches can make all the difference to the user experience. And that's where our focus has shifted to now – our users.

Before, working during evenings or weekends meant there was a deadline looming. Now, it's much more likely to be because I want to add those little extras here and there. My what-if's have turned into why-not's, and it's a welcome change.

Being able to spend the extra time on something because it will make it better is great. Knowing that our users will enjoy using Kong that little bit more as a result is even better.