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The Facelift

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The Facelift

Andy Whitehead

So our beautiful, old office is having a facelift. This renders the team homeless, at least for a week or two. After deciding such things like window frame colours and whether we should do a forced perspective logo in entrance hall, we hastily packed up our desks, said our goodbyes and closed the door for a week.

After my first week of working from home I have a few thoughts.

Firstly. The technology available makes it so easy to work remotely... even working as a team is a very simple process. We have used a combination of Google hangouts, Email and a programme called Slack, and the process has been seamless. Slack is such a good chunk of technology. I will let the guys who built it explain what it is ‘Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go.’  Well worth a look. 

Secondly, It’s quiet, very quiet. Even with my music blasting out there is a certain something missing, it’s those small interactions, those little laughs we have in between working, the highly inappropriate jokes (mainly by our Creative Director) and even having a cup of tea made for you (not by the Creative Director). It’s these things that seem so insignificant that, in the end, are the most important.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that working remotely is so easy with the new technology but I can liken it to using one of those self serve tills at the local supermarket. Whilst it is just as efficient, it leaves you left thinking that something is definitely missing. It becomes increasingly apparent that it is the human interaction that is the most important ingredient in the whole process. We inevitably will and hope to have great people working remotely in the future, but we'll always try and have a main base and place visit!