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The Kong Academy provides actional hints, tips and guides to making the most of your eCommerce store.

The First Smile

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Find out about new and future developments to the Kong eCommerce platform.

The First Smile

Georgia Cavanagh

Whilst at the eCommerce Expo in London last week, I couldn’t tell you how many times I referred to us as the ‘babies’ of the industry. Not only because we’re now just shy of launching Beta but we are also creating something of our own, from the beginning.

Kong was born into a very successful family, already consisting of Parcel Monkey and Cloud Fulfilment, so we’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by supportive people from the get go. Developing Kong’s personality has been a really natural evolution and was something that came instinctively to Jules and I, the designers, as we began to nurture the brand, and I daresay there’s a splash or ten of his wackiness in it.

Those bright colours anchored by the solid logo, paired with clean but quirky illustrations; that is what drew the consistent, curious crowds to our stand last week. It was incredible to hear that so many people had been told they “must check out Kong”, some even by our competitors! It was our baby’s first smile. Like some awesome-90’s-double-denim-family- portrait, we all decked out in our colour co-ordinated t-shirts (Nav loves pink…) and were loaded with disruptively large “business” cards and vibrant videos. I’ve found that, being so heavily involved in the branding process, it’s been easy to forget that all these smaller design elements culminate into a tangible personality, and I really loved standing back and admiring, like one of 9 proud parents, the burst of energy that is Kong.

Not only do the visuals represent the brand, but the ‘voice’ of Kong is also at the heart of the product. We want to be the guys that make things easy, and help you grow your business when you’re ready. We want to be honest with you, pass on some knowledge and make you muffle laughs into your laptop. Creating the voice of Kong has been like plucking the best parts of your eclectic mates; some of the logical one, a lot of the fun one, a hint of the serious one and a splash of the one who dance-lunges at a corporate dinner. Kerry.

While we’re bound to have some teething issues when we launch, I think we’re all pretty confident that our first steps have set us up for a mega debut. Sure, the brand will continue to evolve and mature over time, just as our customers’ businesses will, but for now, we’re just stoked to be the new kids.