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 Using video to help your customers

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Using video to help your customers

Mike Choo

A lot’s been written about how using video on your site can increase conversions. And it’s right! Video is and continues to be great for marketing and connecting with customers, particularly if you need to explain the details of a product or service. We’re quite keen on it. 

But what about using video to help customers?

Here’s some context: our users are a great mix of eCommerce veterans and people taking their first steps selling online. Some people will be transferring from other systems and might be used to doing things another way, while others might not have any experience at all. As such it’s really important to us that everyone can find what they need quickly.

This 2013 survey found that 60% of users will watch video before reading any text. What does this mean for helping our users? Well-written help is great, but if there’s a user preference for video content why not use that too? A well-produced screen capture video can communicate very quickly what might take a couple of paragraphs (or more) to explain in text.

At the time of writing we’re creating a series of short videos to help our users find their way around the back end of Kong. They may already be in place by the time you read this, and they are let us know if there’s anything else you want to see. 

We want to make video help really useful by putting it next to the thing it’s talking about. If you’ve ever searched for tutorial videos on YouTube you’ll know how much… fun it is having to figure out the right keyword and then wade through the results until you find one that answers your question. We want to put the content right in front of you, where you need it. 

To wrap up, if we can create help video content that answers the most common questions then our users will have a better experience, make better use of the power features in the system and be able to start selling sooner. And in the longer term our video stats combined with customer feedback will help us continue improving the experience of using Kong. This should mean happier users, which is good for them and us!

tl;dr I should have a made a video instead of this post :)